The Body Market (The Wired #2) by Donna Freitas

March 27, 2018
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Synopsis (From Goodreads):
Skylar Cruz has been betrayed by everyone she trusted. Perhaps worst of all, she and her friends have failed to stop her sister, and now the Body Market is open for business.
Skylar is through being a pawn in everyone else’s game. She may be the only one who can stop what her family started. And she must do it before everyone in the App World runs out of time.
In the tradition of M. T. Anderson’s Feed and Scott Westerfeld’s Uglies, The Body Market is the next thrilling installment in this gripping and timely sci-fi series for teens.

The Body Market is open. Repulsed by the idea, it was Skye who found herself in the middle of the market with one person on her mind: Inara. Put up to be sold by Jude, Skye knew it was her responsibility to protect her friend. Still, the past few months had been rough, with the wait for the Body Market to open, any chance of being with Rain out, as he not only lied to her, but was occupied with Lacy. When walking home from the market, a guy on a motorcycle kidnaps Skye, she did not put up much of a fight. Trapped in his cabin during a blizzard, Skye learns more about the bounty hunter, Kit, who took her away. Being with Kit made Skye feel something she could never have felt with Rain: Honesty. As Kit clearly states that he could fall in love with her, and still turn her over to Jude the next day, they bond during the cold nights in the cabin, and where Skye knew she will always have feelings for Rain, the good and the bad, there is no use denying the feelings she grew for Kit, and him to her.
Rain feels lost, knowing that he hurt the one person he needed most: Skye. And now she’s gone. Tormented, Rain begins sending mixed messages to Lacy, his best friend, and whom she sees herself as his girlfriend. From hugs to kisses, Lacy knew her place in this world, a place to the right of Rain. Still he is in denial, kissing Lacy and then regrets it later as he had hoped the Skye would be his first real kiss. Lacy and Zeera became friends, Rain focuses more on where Skye went and the Body Market. When Skye comes home with a new piece of arm candy, jealously flares in Rain as he knows Kit, but more upset to see Skye with him. Developing a plan to break into Jude’s castle, Rain, Skye and Kit work together to bring down the Body Market, and bring a sister home.

Donna Freitas wrote more about love than politics in this second instalment of The Wired series. With Rain and Skye being on the outs, but still have feeling towards each other, and with the introduction of Kit, and the re-introduction of Lacy, it seems as if this pair was never meant to be. Lacy was determined to be with Rain, where Skye and Kit slowly fall in love, sharing the same sibling passion, and their love for the Real World. Yet when in the mix world trying to find home it was not Briarwood but Kit’s cabin, the one place Skye felt safe. As the story progresses Rain has one secrete left to tell to Skye, as Skye makes the most dangerous journey as she goes from the Real World she fell in love with, back to the App World to save the people who never wanted her.

The author's comments:

A romance that was never supposed to work, changing our triangle into a square? 

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