January 24, 2018
By Anonymous

Scythes are about a unbalance world where people can’t die because the can turn themselves younger. But there’s a society called scythes. There was a girl name Citra with her mom and her little brother. Suddenly there was a knock at their door when the mom answer it was a scythe with a weird color on his robe. Everybody was scared and nervous because they think that he was here to glean one of them but he only came to eat. Thay were still scared then the scythe said he came here to glean your neighbor.

He then left he gleaned the neighbors and then left. When he came back he gave citra immunity then he left. The next week there was this boy name rowan he encounter a scythe his name was scythe faraday. The scythe asked where’s the office rowan than lead him to the office the the scythe said do you know someone named jimmy rowan said yeah he’s the school quarterback he then used the microphone to call his name on speaker when he came the scythe said he had to glean him.

Jimmy didn’t want to die so he cried but rowan insist to hold his hand while he get glean the scythe said if you do that you might die too. But rowan still wanted to do it. So the suddenly flew back rowan was in pain but jimmy died.
Rowan got praise by the scythe. Then the scythe left. But when rowan went in the hallways a crowd of people was standing outside. Jimmy girlfriend heard about jimmy getting gleaned then she cried she went to rowan.
She said why didn’t you stop the scythe. Roan said because he couldn’t so he also said he held his hand when he got glean. The girl said rowan was lying because jimmy would never have rowan hold his hand. So after that everyone hated rowan.

You should read this book. This how it might be like in the future. And this might happen if no one can die.

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i like turtle 

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