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Ready Reader One

March 13, 2018
By DavyBramer GOLD, Rolla, Missouri
DavyBramer GOLD, Rolla, Missouri
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Wade watts is an ordinary citizen of the oasis an online Vr world that has consumed the entire world. The real world is a bad place with environmental issues. The creator of the oasis, James Halliday, passes away he leaves half a trillion dollars hidden in the oasis. A huge race has started with other people of the world known as “The Great race” to find the fortune. With Wade facing issues at home and with the government, his chances on winning are slim.

Clines vision of the future is vast and different. He  also implementing a bunch of  pop culture references 80s Video games, and many more in and out of the oasis. Wades generation is known as the “Missing Millions”: “Missing not because we went anywhere, there’s nowhere left to go. Nowhere, except The Oasis”. The world has had some bad times and the oasis is a perfect hideaway to be distracted from it.

Ready Player One has a perfect balance among always staying with the action, thoughts and feeling with Wades mind and a tiny bit of romance reflecting themes at the end. Wade's parents died he lives with his abusive aunt so he doesn't really have much family: having this leads  to a lot of sadness to the book so the oasis takes all those life problems away. As Wade progresses on the quest in the oasis he develops himself more and more and creates a strong relationships with his friends. Also exploring themes with government and its connections with the oasis.

I personally enjoyed the concept of Vr and the whole race. Wade comes from a hopeless self with not really much of a family and becomes something much more using the oasis with surprise readers at the end. Anyone who enjoys science fiction or fantasy will really enjoy this book also I would recommend this to readers over the age of 12. Ready player One was a fantastic novel exploring Vr and what could happen to the world in the future Ernest Cline's book will soon become a movie soon directed by Steven Spielberg coming out March 30 2018.
Pages: 385
Author: Ernest Cline
Published:  August 16, 2011

The author's comments:

Best book ever

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