One for the Murphys

March 19, 2018
By megan23 BRONZE, Booton Township, New Jersey
megan23 BRONZE, Booton Township, New Jersey
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One For the Murphys by Lynda Mullaly Hunt, Carley Connors learns a different way of life with the Murphys and then eventually has to leave the loving Murphys. Carley is a strong and tough girl who is hurt by her past memories. She doesn't know if she should love or hate her mother due to all the flashbacks she pieces together in the story. She realizes her evil stepfather abused her with the help of her mother. When Carley meets her foster family she is frightened. Mr. Murphy and the oldest son Daniel does not seem to like Carley while Mrs. Murphy is far to caring for Carley Connors. Little Michael Eric and Adam seem to love Carly and seem not to have any problems with her. Carly goes to school and has trouble finding friends, until one day she meets a true friend, Toni. There are many ups and downs in this novel. There are parts that readers would never expect and parts that will make the readers cry their hearts out. In the story Carley puts her life in perspective for readers to truly understand the meaning in the story. Readers will read through and start to understand Carley and relate to her logic. Lynda Mullaly Hunt portrays the personality of a girl who is questioning her life and what to do with it while still trying to figure everything out. Throughout the book readers will cry and laugh along with the characters while growing and understanding them. One For The Murphys is not only a great and compassionate story it is a story that will grab the readers and take them into a whole new world.

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