Inferno by Dante

March 18, 2018
By Lux4545 GOLD, Franklin, Tennessee
Lux4545 GOLD, Franklin, Tennessee
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Dante’s Inferno is the acclaimed classic that has lasted from the 1300s. Regardless of your religion or belief sets, Inferno is deep book about reflecting on the sins and mistakes humans make. Dante explores each sin in a gruesome and clever manner; for example, the Vestibules, who made no decision in life to do right are wrong, are now chasing a pointless banner while getting stung by wasps for eternity. Yikes.  As the severity of the sin intensifies, the contrapasso(just punishment) in this sense does as well. But what makes Inferno captivating is that Dante the writer is the also the main character in our story. Inferno is an allegory depicting Dante’s life personally, spiritually, and politically. To understand Inferno, you must also have some background of where Dante is coming from.  Dante was born into a time of political strife in Italy which eventually led him to exiled by Pope Bonafice VII. This led to Dante’s distaste at the hypocrisy and corruption of the church which he exemplifies very well in Inferno by putting the corrupted doers in, surprise, hell.  The detailed imagery of hell is graphic to the point where it can send chills down the reader while being relatable. Most of us have “sinned” like Dante, but must also like Dante learn the nature of it to become better people. Inferno is a unique read that I highly recommend anyone looking for a one of kind adventure.

The author's comments:

I was unsure many times if I would like this book but after finishing it, I must agree that it is life-changing in some sense

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