Review of "We Need Less Homework" by Aidan Robinson

February 8, 2018
By ashleetressler BRONZE, Defiance, Ohio
ashleetressler BRONZE, Defiance, Ohio
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“We Need Less Homework,” written by Aidan R., talks about having less homework .  The author’s writing left me feeling shocked by all the true evidence she gave to why having less homework is better. The arguments written within Aidan’s article are very strong. She not only brings in real life examples in her life but also in studies from around the world.  One of the studies she wrote in from around the world was from Finland were they have “done away with homework in public schools, and students are performing well without it.” I would agree with Aidan saying, “Homework takes up too much of children’s time and causes them unneeded stress.” I know homework is supposed to prepare us for college and make us learn more to use in the real world; however, when it takes kids hours and causes them stress, then maybe it’s a little too much homework. Spending “…630 hours in a year” on homework is just a crazy amount. Kids could have been spending more time on being happier than being stressed over and over again. The happier the students are then maybe the students will want to learn since it won’t cause them stress. Homework is needed less, and students happiness should be focused on more.

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