touching spirit bear

March 18, 2009
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I have read the book Touching Spirit Bear. The Authors name is Ben Mikealsen. This was an O.K. book.
Cole is a boy Who is a kid who doesn’t follow the laws. Cole broke into a hard wear store and didn’t get caught. He started to tell every one at school what he had done. One kid named Peter decided to tell the police on him. He got so mad that he started to beat him up! He got so beat up that he pressed charges and Cole went to court. They decided to send Cole to an island with supplies. Cole had to survive by himself. Cole encounters a spirit bear. He gets mauled by it. He is in a fight for his life.
I think this book was not bad but not good either. It was not a good book because it was very confusing. This book had very few interesting parts. If you like superstition and spirits then you would like this book .
This was a good book. It was a good book because the characters were very descriptive and very believable. This book had very many details. Some details were good but some weren’t , they got boring after a while. I gave this book two out of five stars.

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snc947 said...
Apr. 24, 2009 at 9:14 pm
Dude. Your giving the book a bad name. I read the book and I think it is incredibly great. The description was enough to make it interesting. Forgive my opinion, but I think you should have more of an open mind to "Touching Spirit Bear." Peace.
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