Home Boyz by Alan Lawrence

January 26, 2018
By yusufhunt BRONZE, Elk Grove, California
yusufhunt BRONZE, Elk Grove, California
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Home boys is a very good book i recommend it for young people old people but not for little kids because i don't think you want your kids to be going around cursing the book talks mostly about drugs sex money making gang bangers.they main characters of this story are ice cube his brother ricky girls to the mother of them ricky is the star football player trying to make it out of the ghetto as ice cube is the gang banger brother.at the age of eleven she got busted for

trying to shoplift a pair of brass knuckles at the swap meet at the age of 13 she got caught for stealing clothes.bt the way the author of homeboyz name is alan lawrence wrote 25 books he is a great writer. They talk about how ice cubes gang were at the store causing trouble to the customer and the sore owner

And final after all these years the store owner had enough of them causing trouble he went out to talk to them and he said you gangbangers better leave before we call the cops one of the home boy yelled shut up old man we are your customers know go back inside before i go all bruce lee on you and through a whild chop in the air       Teddy is forced to spend five days each week mentoring a kid named Micah. Teddy has difficulty tutoring Micah because he wants to be a gangster. But through Micah, Teddy is taught how to love someone and see how people can change. Also this book talks about when Teddy meets the person that killed his sister, and he wasn't from 0-1-0. He was a member of another rival gang. Mumzy B is the shooter responsible for the murder of his little                                                                                                                                                 
the book's main character is 17-year-old Dixon Theodore Anderson, nicknamed Teddy. Teddy is a hacker and a very intelligent young man. He is very attractive and has a well constructed body. Teddy's entire neighbourhood is overrun by gangsters and his sister, Tina Anderson, is killed in a crossfire. While the Anderson family mourns her death, Teddy goes to his car to seek vengeance. He is unsuccessful in getting revenge and is arrested                   

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