Milk And Honey by Rupi Kaur

January 26, 2018
By nathan_mobbin SILVER, Sacramento, California
nathan_mobbin SILVER, Sacramento, California
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"eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind"

 “The person you love may not love back”. Milk And Honey is a love story told through poems that all students should read, especially those who are looking for a relationship or just got of one and it would build empathy. Rupi Kaur is a poet who writes life related things into a book. I found interesting is how touching this book can get and i was stunned by the pure genius of the Rupi Kaur’s poetry.


Kaur breaks her book into four parts, the hurting, the loving, the breaking, the healing. “The Hurting” relates to the author’s experiences with sexual assault and the struggles of family issue. This section is a bit horrifying and I founded it really difficult to read some of the poems.


The next section “The Loving” is more heartwarming to read. The poems are sweet and romantic. These poems are the ones that couples want to read and to remind themselves of why they are still together. I love these poem because it relates to someone's relationship.


“The Breaking” returned us back to into this dark place in Kaur’s life. Any girl who ever been through a breakup after a long term relationship could find this section relatable. I think those whom are trying to get over a relationship should read these poems. While these poems may hurt but it is relatable and realistic.


The last section of Milk And Honey  “The Healing”. This author accomplish what they was trying to reach for. These poem teaches women to value themselves and who they are as a person. I would recommend this section to whoever is going through a breakup and looking for comfort.


These four section reminds of my cousins who been through all four stages. She been through sexual assaulted by a man who she didn't even love and while that happened she had family that made everything worse. But she founded the person who she might love forever, she thought he was the one for her. He tried her right and never let her but little did she know he was just using her for her body. After knowing he was just using her, he broke her heart and her life all went downhill because she thought he was the one. Then after a couple of weeks later she remembered who she was and how to value her and choose wisely.


“The person you may not love you back”. If the love was real they would of loved you back. Not does this talks about love it talk about the hurt in what love can give you. So I recommend this book to those who are looking for a relationship because it would help you in the future if this ever happened.

The author's comments:

This inspired me to choose who you love.

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