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Tyrell by Coe Booth

January 26, 2018
By Anonymous

All teenagers face struggles.  Tyrell is a teenage African american  boy who lives in the projects in new york who faces a lot of them . Coe Booth writes urban fiction  about african american kids  who go through the struggles in tough areas. Tyrell is an award winning book you should read because you can learn  how to be more understanding with people who dont have the feelings in this book are so real almost if you can feel them. This book is intense and it will open a reader's mind up so differently it's so  relatable  almost if the  book knows how life goes and how hard times can be . It teaches you that if you don't like the situation you can figure out a way to solve the problem.

Tyrell Is a boy with so much pressure on his shoulders and he have to step out his kid zone and provide for his family .Tyrell is written by Coe Booth it's an urban fiction and a los angeles times book prize winner.  This book is  a urban unique peace that all teens of all color should read so it can teach them to empathize  with others  that's different from their lifestyle. Tyrell is a strong, independent also gritty to get through the bronx. 

i would recommend  tyrell because it can teach us about how grateful and  humble and how  gracious our decisions and choices we make in our lives. For the upper class people to read it can  change their ways about other  people lifestyles and struggles.                                         


This book is most definitely relatable to all especially teens  and also adults as they was growing up some had to go through things thats similar to tyrell. This book can open  the reader's mind . And as you read it the details will come alive

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