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The Fallen Book Review by Gerisk

January 26, 2018
By gerisk.her BRONZE, Sacramento, California
gerisk.her BRONZE, Sacramento, California
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Everyone needs a wake up call, would losing a brother or sister get you to open your eyes? In the case of older brother Martin Luna, he seeks revenge on the real man at fault of his younger brother’s death. From the Bluford series The Fallen is an urban fiction book written by 45 year-old Philadelphia, Paul Langan. The book received 4.4 out of 5 stars for rating and was also published June 15th, 2006 by Townsend Press. This book is amazing for anyone who likes to read hood flicks, and me personally this book was eye catching and I got latched to continue reading to the end.

Martin Luna, a 16-year-old from Zamora High school who transfered to Bluford High school because of his mom trying to get him out of his affiliations with his gang. Luckily for his mom, Martin was already ready to get out of that life after realizing that it was because of his gang leader, Frankie, that got his younger brother killed. From there, Martin takes a quest and tries everything in his will to get Frankie locked up. With this challenge, he has more things to worry about as well, such as his relationship life, and getting targeted by the football players after beating up the popular quarterback, Steve. Not only that, he was a pinch away from getting expelled from high school. More importantly, another factor to this was that Frankie figured out about Martin’s intentions and started to go after him as well. Thankfully his childhood friends who was also part of the gang, had his back and helped him around the conflict.

The Fallen would be a great book to read if you’re into urban or what I would call, hood flicks. This book is full of action and spices things up sometimes with a little romance. Also this book would be a great book to read if you’re from the struggles, or if you understand how it is to lose someone to the streets. And to ones that want to better themselves and become a better person. This can make you reflect on the things you do, and make you value your family or people close to you because you never know what can happen or even know if you’ll live to see tomorrow.

In conclusion, The Fallen is an astonishing book for anyone who enjoys reading urban books and a considerable book for people who would want to change their lives for the better of themselves, and the others that they’ve impacted.

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