Lord of the Flies by William Golding

January 26, 2018
By Youw61 BRONZE, Marysville, Washington
Youw61 BRONZE, Marysville, Washington
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The author grasps our attention with a plane crash involving a group of schoolboys now landing on this deserted island. They notice that there are no adults with them. Realizing they must create laws and maintain order themselves. Soon there was chaos in this civilization and order begins to crumble. Things start to get out of control and the boys disagree with themselves. Putting everyone on this island in danger. 


That was just a little summary. It was beginning is was intense already. The group of boys represents the human civilization on an island just beginning and taking place. The order was put into place at first but Jack who despises the chief decides to use savagery to build is own tribe. The tribe wired the young to fight and kill. It cost the lives of two people who were the last strip to controlling order and peace.


I found this book to be very symbolic and full of meanings. Simon was the only one who realized that chaos and destruction are taking over. He knew the profound meaning of human nature and their minds adjusting to what they are built for. The tribe of savages take the wrong side and puts the lives of others all at risk.

The author's comments:

The main purpose for me righting this is to share about how emotions and understanding can change or hardwire a brain of a young still learning. This is a book heavily related to bullying. Bullying is also a problem in today's society and must be prevented at all cost. In this book, the stronger with more power bullied the weak. People should not bully base on appearance or physical strength of others.

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