SNITCH by Allison Van Diepen

January 24, 2018
By pata.bird.27 BRONZE, Sacramento, California
pata.bird.27 BRONZE, Sacramento, California
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“Snitches get stitches…”. Snitch is a fantastic book about a girl named Julia who joins a gang for protection later on to realize that the most unexpected person snitched on the gang for a drug deal. The author of the book is Allison Van Diepen and the genre of the book is urban. I feel like this book is one of the best books ever written because of all the action and suspense.

Snitch by Allison Van Diepen takes place in South Bay High School. There are two main characters Julia Davino, and Eric Valiente that would later on meet in the book. Julia’s story is that when she was a little girl her mother died and was raised by her father. She goes to a high school called South Bay High school and that is where she meets a boy names Eric. Eric’s life is different. Eric was born in Brooklyn but got sent to a different city by his mom for being gang related. Julian meets Eric then Eric joined the crips so it was hard for Julia to see love for him. Julia got attacked by bloods so she joined the crips with Eric. later on Julia went to a football game a boy from the gang wich was like a brother to her then came back and the rest of the gang is in jail except for one person, the snitch.

The main character in the book Snitch goes by the name Julia Davino. Julia Davino is a really unique character. The reason Julia is unique is because she is so brave for standing up to her haters also known as the bloods. Julia got attacked by bloods and went to the hospital . As soon as Julia got out of the hospital she fought her old friend which is the one who planned her attack. They both fought and both got an even amount of hits.

Imagine falling in love with someone. You aren’t really into gang banging. Then you find out the person that you love has joined a gang. You would do anything for this person that you love. Next thing you know you get jumped by bloods so you join the crips the gang that the person you love is in. You are determined to do whatever for the gang because they are like your family. Then the gang is about to do a drug deal so you go to ball game and when you come back everybody in the gang is in jail except for one person, the snitch.

“When you snitch… you will get stitched”. I promise you if you read this book you will love it. It is one of the best books to ever be written.

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Its a great book

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