13 Reasons Why by Johnathon Xiong by Jay Asher

January 24, 2018
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13 reasons why is about a shy high school kid named Clay jensen who wants to go back in the past to fix what he hasn't done. He liked this girl named Hannah Baker and wanted to be with her but she ended her life. Hannah recorded 13 tapes of why she was going to end her life and Clay was in the tape but wasn’t the reason but the one she wanted to be with that's why she put him in the tape.

When clay got home he saw a package waiting at the porch. When he opened the package it was tapes recorded by Hannah Baker his classmate and crush who committed suicide 2 weeks before clay received the tapes. The tapes were explaining who and why she ended her own life. Jay Asher is an author who made this tv show and wrote this book she is an author that make young adult fictions. I think you should read the book because you’ll get the message of the book. You’ll also understand why Hannah committed suicide.


Clay is being overwhelmed with what is coming out of the tapes and he strongly dislikes the people that were on the taped who caused Hannah’s death.


Clay Jensen is a unique person because he cared for Hannah, he was the one that wanted to be with her and to make her happy but he was to nervous and shy to admit it to Hannah. Hannah also said in the tapes that clay wasn’t really the reason she killed herself, she just wanted to get out to clay that she wanted to be with him.
Clay was the right person even though he was mad you’ll understand… why? Because he didn’t like how Hannah killed herself and that he strongly dislikes the people who were the reason she committed suicide especially the fact that he knew himself that he wasn’t the reason why.


People should read my book review because this teaches how bullying, mistreated, name calling, etc can make themselves end their life. I can also say my book review should be read because it can probably change how someone treats others and think before they say it.


Can you go in the past and change someone’s life. It sucks that you can’t But if Clay was able to he would’ve gone out with her and tell her face to face, “Please don’t kill yourself please.? That was what Hannah thought to herself because she wanted someone to tell her that before she even killed herself but she did because no one was there for her and she couldn’t take it so she took her life away.

The author's comments:

I wanted to write about this book because I can relate to this book. why? because i know this girl that has been bullied, named called, and mistreated. i have changed her life by being with that girl and she has stop thinking about scuicide and feeling down.

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