Everlasting (The Immortals #6) by Alyson Noel

December 19, 2017
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Ever and Damen have been through the wringer for their relationship. Evaline, Abigail, Chloe, Fleur, Emala, to Ever the last version of her soul. Damen is determined not to lose her as he made her immortal. After killing Drina and her sidekick Roman, nothing stands between Damen and his happily ever after with Ever. Except the curse. Roman forced Ever to choose between giving Damen an elixir to save his life, or let him die. There was no choice in Ever’s mindset as she and Damen deal with the side effects of the elixir: if their DNA touch, Damen dies. Following the next series of events where Ever tried to get the antidote from Roman, only to succeed right before Jude killed him. Then Haven has the shirt that has the antidote spilled on it, as she burns it, which causes Ever to kill her. Now with the sickness growing in Summerland, an old woman looking for Ever, and things are on rocky terms with Sabine, Ever have to determine if being an immortal is worth it, and if, there is any way to reverse it.

The women, Lotus, is the oldest person Ever have ever met. Claimed to be one of the orphans that Damen turned, she looked to Ever to finish what she was born to do. Damen loves Ever, as he tells her “You’re my whole world”, he was terrified for Ever to do this mission alone. But she had too, causing another rife in their relationship, because maybe this is the reason why she lived through the crash that took her family, that she had a density to finish and that is why her soul kept coming back. Diving into her past, she finds her first life, where it was not Damen loving her, but his previous life, the life he never knew about. Ever starts learning more about herself and Damen than she ever known, as she continues on her journey of density. She learns the ins and outs of being an immortal but with a choice at the end: does she want it? Does she want to be immortal, with Damen forever and ever, or does she want to die, recycle her soul, and end up on the other side with her parents and Riley? It is her choice, but is she also willing to leave Damen if he does not chose the same as her?

Alyson Noel finished this series off with a bang that made your heart soar for our two star cross lovers: Damen and Ever. To start, Noel did not get away from the regular drama, of Damen wanted to protect Ever, Ever is rushing headlong into a situation she had no idea what to expect, Damen not wanting to change his ways, and above all them loving each other too much without communicating or trusting each other properly. Ever grows a lot throughout this novel, finally making choices for her, and opening up to everyone, accepting the truth and blame for all she has done wrong. Damen, where in this Ever resents him the most, you cannot blame the guy. He is scared, pure and simple, of losing Ever to the unknown. After all he was used to knowing everything, keeping Ever safe in the lands that he knew. Now with the dark part of Summerland, he is back in the dark, and with Ever wanting to risk her life, that is just something he cannot accept. Noel writes fast, keeping this book flowing, bringing back all old and some new characters, and tying up all loose ends. The mini-story of their first life was a nice touch, and even better when reading again as Ever points out who was who, allowing the reader to go back and see how the character traits fit. With an ending that will let you see the good in the world again, Ever and Damen love is truly everlasting as they will always find each other, in this life and the next.

The author's comments:

A fairytale ending

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