Take the Key and Lock Her Up (Embassy Row #3) by Ally Carter

December 5, 2017
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Grace Blakely knows crazy. In fact, for a short while there, she thought she was. From the fire that killed her mother, Grace knew her mother died before the fire started by gun wound. Tracking down the killer, Grace learns that the scarred man she saw was Dominic, her mother’s childhood lover and not her killer. Unlocking a part in her mind, Grace relives that moment when she picked up the gun, fired at Dominic, hitting her mother instead. The death was an accident, not by a fire, but by Grace shooting her own mother. Digging more, Grace discover the society her mother was part of, how during the coup which hung the royal family, the sisterhood hid baby princess Amelia, among their own children hoping one day that she would be able to take the throne. Grace’s mother was determined to find the true heir whom she, Alexei’s mother, and Ann determine to be Ann. But she was wrong. It was her, Caroline Blakely, who was the descendant of Princess Amelia, and with her death made Jamie, the true king of Adria, and who the royal family wanted dead.

They are on the run: Grace, Jamie, Alexei and Dominic.  Jamie, weak from his wound, Grace from her mind, and Alexei hiding from the law. Grace does not know anyone to trust, nor the society or the Adria government seem to be on her side, but Grace knew she had to stop running, for Jamie’s sake. With him being the main target, Grace knew she had to leave him to rest somewhere, and make herself the target. Slipping away, Grace goes to Washington DC to meet up with the society. Concern the sudden appearance of Princess Amelia’s decedent would ruin the European economy, Grace herd the message loud and clear: they want her dead. Running again, this time with Alexei, who tracked her down, they met up with Noah, Megan and Rosie to hatch a plan. Queen Ann and the society gives Grace an ultimatum: move in, fall in love with Ann’s son, Thomas, marry and produce a child, therefore giving the throne back to Amelia’s heir, or be hunted to death. Wanting to protect Jamie, her friends, and live a normal life, in Grace’s mind did not have an option. But her heart as a different though, as Thomas would probably make a decent husband, but what about Alexei? Her brother’s best friend, her protector, the one who call her his home, Alexei means as much to Grace as her brother. The crown was something Grace nor Jamie ever wanted, but with the ultimatum, Grace accepts the deal, hoping that she can find the rest of her mother’s research to get her out of this deal.

Ally Carter ends this book with a bang. Starting off the series with Grace, a slightly crazy girl who was determined to prove her mother’s death was not an accident. To the end where Grace, the descendent of Princess Amelia, killer of her mother, and friend to many. Carter writing was good, fast pace, and travels from Washington D.C, Paris, Russia and then back to Adria, where it all started. Grace character development changes a bit, making her calmer, and maybe even a little less reckless. Her reasons behind doing things is common: friends, family, and just wanting the know the truth. Carter reveals all the information Grace’s mother found, which was a nice way to tie up loose ends, although why her father never contacted her throughout this story is only something Carter could answer. The relationship you root for is Grace and Alexei’s, although Megan and Noah’s is a close second place, as you just want them to be together and happy, but life is just getting in the way. With the end in sight, Carter does an amazing ending to this series that leave you full of hope for character’s future.

The author's comments:

Friends, family, and the truth is all that Grace wants

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