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Fragile Eternity by Melissa Marr Review

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Exotic, Chaotic, Wild, And… Weird

Fragile Eternity
By Melissa Marr
Pub. Date: April 2009
3 out of 5 stars
R- Violence, Sexual Content, and Profanity
Not Recommended

Aislinn is not only struggling to understand Faerie politics, but also her involuntary pull to her King, her partner, Keenan. She tries to extinguish her lustful thoughts and feelings, but the spark never dies. Seth is her true love, not Keenan… right?

Seth is feed up with being Aislinn’s vulnerability. She is now a Faerie Queen and it’s wrong to burden her even more. He is determined to once again become Aislinn’s equal and to truly be able to spend eternity together.

But who will Seth turn to if the good guys are unwilling to help? And will Aislinn stay true, or succumb to her lustful desires?

Fragile Eternity was exotic, chaotic, wild, and … weird. The Faerie in this book were almost intoxicating. Magic, lust, envy, and greed were all present in huge amounts. I haven’t read Wicked Lovely and I found Fragile Eternity confusing quite often. This Faerie world was extremely broad and assorted, making it difficult to learn about one specific branch. I could not grasp the boundaries of Faerie. Did all these Faerie Courts sit on one block? The characters, figuratively speaking, flew from one house to another quickly and back to the Mortal World. Or did the Faerie world exist in the Mortal World? Wait, I mean… do both Immortal and Mortal share the dimension? Or… I’m so confused!

Melissa Marr did an excellent job with giving an almost even amount of “face time” to each character in the book. Every one got their moment of perspective, so I got a little insight into every character also.

I found it very odd that my favorite characters were the “bad” guys. The “good” guys all acted frivolous, in-the-moment, and even ditzy. Niall, Sorcha, and Seth, the “bad” guys, all expressed courage, compassion, responsibility, strength, and logic skill. They each were feared by other Faeries because of their inability to be swayed, their constant cool/relaxed attitude, and their maturity. The whole time while reading I felt the urge to yell, “She doesn’t deserve you, Seth!” and its true, Aislinn didn’t. I was happily surprised and impressed at the choice Seth presented Aislinn at the end. “You go, Seth!”. The only reason why I’m going to finish this trilogy is, Seth. I wish the best for him and I hope to see that he receives it.

I don’t feel any reason why I should recommend Fragile Eternity. It was overall, an okay book, but why would I want to recommend an “okay” book full of lust, envy, greed, and confusion? If you have read Wicked Lovely or you think this book sounds interesting, go ahead and read it. But if you are kind of iffy or younger than 14, just skip it. There are plenty of other books worth your time!

Date Reviewed: March 30th, 2009

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