Paper Town by John Green

November 28, 2017
By Yiwei BRONZE, Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania
Yiwei BRONZE, Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania
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This is the first book I read from John Green. A great combination of friendship and love story. “Paper town” was illustrated both literally and symbolically by the two main character, Margo and Quentin.

The novel starts from their childhood, it gives the audiences the connection between Quentin and Margo. They went to separate paths while they were nine year olds. Margo became popular and crazy, and the opposite with Quentin. It is not necessary to become the person next to you, and it is also false to force your friends to become you. Time goes to the year of their senior year, Margo and Quentin start interact with each other again, this time they got together and love start to grow. Margo likes the crazy stuff, like roller coasters. And the roller coaster in real life are adventures. She asks Quentin to go with her on her own little adventures like to prank people that she hates. They break into their houses and all her creativities and intelligence. She is a girl with her own motivation and happiness.

Since the background is in Orlando, Florida. It is a beautiful place to look at and to live in. And it has a name from Margo: paper town. She thinks people who lives there are fake, they burn their futures to live. All the trees and streets, everything are paper thin. So does the people, and so does their hearts. Because Margo thinks she never saw anyone who cares about stuff that really matters. I do not agree with it because she is a matter, and the whole world is build based on the concept: matter. It is a world that build for communication, her father cares about her mother so she was born to this world. The world is beautiful, so people smiles. If we live in her logic, there is no point to smile because we do not care about this world.

Margo turns herself into an adventure. She disappeared and left clues to Quentin to find her as what Quentin had interpreted. There are 24 hours for Quentin to drive from Orlando to New York. And this is the time for friendship because all four of Margo’s friends including Quentin skip the graduation to find Margo. People could get a lot of stuff done in 24 hours and it is the same with Quentin and his friends. It is diligent for them and they find Margo in New York. For this time, the history repeats because they turn into different paths again, and it is a path that changes her future and a path that she can live without any hesitation. It is an adventure for a young adult that follows her heart.

People could easily get mad in this book, because it is so real and it brings the audiences in. There are many distinct characteristics from different characters. John Green is an excellent author based on his knowledge, and it creates a limit. The excellent part is he breaks the limit perfectly with his imagination and his evaluation toward to world. Overall, it is a great book and I recommend it to all age levels.

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Go get a John Green book if you have not read one!

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