November 27, 2017
By CJKM05 BRONZE, Richmond, Virginia
CJKM05 BRONZE, Richmond, Virginia
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Meet Cat, she has a little sister named Maya. She had a birth defect that makes it hard to breath and digest. Cat is a teenager who is moving from her home where she had everything perfect. Now she has to find new friends and hobbies.

Cat and Maya go on a walk as soon as they get there. They walk down to the harbor but then Maya ran off. Cat looks for her and finds her in a broken down arcade. They explore and find a guy. Maya left with Cat but he turned out to be his neighbor. 

Cat wasn't sure about him but she had to go because Maya loves him. He took them for a ghost tour for free and they looked for ghosts all evening. When they found the ghosts they loved Maya and danced around her. Ghosts like sweets and she had a soda. The ghosts are made of wind so it made Maya pass out. They had to rush her to the hospital. Maya thought her life was ruined

Maya couldn’t go outside until Day of the Dead and when she finally did it went great. While she is doing that Cat is in there uncomfortable but the guy was like a kid in a candy store and came up to her. He said what was going on but then all the ghosts came out and Cat learned to love them. It changed their perspective on moving to this new place

This book hooked me by the first part where the guy said there was ghosts. This book is good for people who like graphic novels and quick reads. It is a great book and I advise everyone should read this amazing and funny book. I even think adults could read it to themselves or their kids.

The author's comments:

This is a great and funny book

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