The One by Kiera Cass

November 27, 2017
By fkg123 BRONZE, Richmond, Virginia
fkg123 BRONZE, Richmond, Virginia
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Meet America Singer, a poor, lower-class musician, who has been entered into a selection to marry a prince. Will America fall in love with the prince? Will the king approve of a poor, lower-class girl marrying his son? Read the book The One and all of the books in the Selection Series to uncover all the answers.

This book is both a romance novel and a fantasy novel. It has more plot twists than another book I’ve read, and will make you furious, ecstatic, and sorrowful in one sentence. There are tons of cliffhangers placed perfectly inside the chapters that will won’t let you put down the book.

It takes place in what seems to be hundreds of years in the future, after the United States was defeated in a World War in a country known as Illia. In Illia it is far from a utopia, there are classes known as “castes” and you can either be a part of the royal family which is a “one.” Or you can be a eight which is the lowest class possible. The castes relate to normal life in middle and high school. You could be a “popular kid” like a “one.” Or you could be “unpopular” and be an eight. Although in real life, you get to choose what class you’re in by your actions, but in Illia, you are born into your “caste.”

The first two books in the series are The Selection and The Elite which tell the story of America Singer and her family before and during the Selection process. The One is the book that finally announces the winner of the Selection after nearly 600 pages of ups and downs and twists and turns. The book follows the journey through the Selection through America’s perspective and all her emotions. In the beginning of the book, America is an Elite. That means that she is one of the final five girls to be left in the competition. The story follows America’s emotions when her friends are eliminated from the competition one by one. America never dreamed she would make it this far in the competition, could she actually win the whole thing? Although, the King doesn’t approve of her, and she is still in love with someone back home. But, her hometown love is a six which wouldn’t help her family financially like the prince.But she is growing to love Maxon more and more each day. Will she win the crown? Or will the King’s approval and her soulmate at home win her heart?  Read The One to find out.

About Kiera Cass:
Kiera Cass was born in South Carolina, but currently lives in Christiansburg Virginia. She is a graduate of Radford University and has a B.S. in history. She currently lives with her husband who’s an electrical engineer and two kids- one son and one daughter. She is a New York Times #1 Bestseller for the books in the Selection Series.

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