Double Fudge by Jocelyn Cardoso

November 25, 2017
By Anonymous

The book “Double Fudge” written by Judy Blume in 2002, is one of the best New York Times best-selling authors. Double Fudge is a great book to read it is very funny at some points and it can also teach you a lot no matter your age. This book is based on a boy named Farley Drexel. Also, known as Fudge which lives in New York City, with his mom, dad, sister, brother Pete and a bird named Uncle Feathers. He is a unique kid. At his age of 5, he thinks he can buy the whole world with his known “Fudge Bucks” that he makes. Fudge is obsessed with money, his attitude can be bossy, mean, rude and annoying. He feels he runs the world and that he is the most powerful kid at his age.

Fudge lives in New York City in an apartment sharing a bedroom with his brother Pete. Pete and his family did not take it so seriously that fudge is obsessed with money.They thought it is was just because his was small and still didn't understand the real value of money. But, as he gets more into the money he wants to know everything about money and wants to know every single detail.For example,as how it is made, who makes it every single thing.

The problem is that fudge thinks he can buy everything with his “Fudge Bucks” from the city New York to the whole world. He likes to think and do things of his own. He does not like to listen to other people and he feels he is the boss.They made a trip to Washington D.C to Bureau of Printing and Ever Grading, which is a museum where they basically tell you about money and how it is made. There they find some relatives that they never knew they had.It turns out that he has a cousin named like him and they also call him Fudge. After the Fudge obsessed with money and Fudge his cousin talk and listen to each other, Fudge is able to know and see how dumb he was acting thinking he could just make money out of constructing paper and counting it as real. After, Fudge reflects over what he has been doing and saying.He finds out that money is not just given to you or neither can you go to the bank and ask them to give you money. He was able to find out that money is something you have to work hard to receive.

Overall, this was a great book and a wonderful experience. I learned and laughed so much while reading this wonderful book. I learned that money is something that everyone wants, but that isn’t always easy to receive or get. I remember when I was a kid and I would tell my parents to buy me something and they would say “No it is too expensive” and I would just tell them to”Go to the bank and ask for some,” like if it was that simple. Now that I am older, I see that money is earned not given and that is one of the most important things that I have learned. This is a great book to read, you learn so much and might even remember your childhood.

The author's comments:

This a great book I learned so much and had a great experiance. I honestly recommend you reading this wonderful and great book.

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