Executive Authority by Dalton Fury

November 17, 2017
By I_did_a_book_review BRONZE, Dexter, MI, Michigan
I_did_a_book_review BRONZE, Dexter, MI, Michigan
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Execute Authority, by Dalton Fury, has an explosive start beginning with the assassination of  the Greek Prime Minister and the near assassination of the president of the United States called Potus in the book. During a show of unity between the president of the United States and the greek prime minister, Kolt Raynor, a delta force commando is tasked with helping protect the president during his trip to Athens. The two world leaders meet in the street and walk over to shake hands when the Prime Minister’s eye caves into his skull with the back of his head exploding. Kolt Raynor sees the kill, knowing it would have to be made from a nearly impossible distance, and with the bullet entering through the left eye, he is able to recognize the style of the kill the infamous Shiner. This assassination starts a chase to find Shiner to keep him from killing another world leader.

Dalton Fury is able to vividly depict what’s going on in the book. An example would be “Shiner drove like someone being chased, blowing through intersections without stopping, blaring a warning with the VW’s horn and passing slower vehicles, sometimes nudging  them out of the way, sometimes veering into the sidewalk to get out of a jam” (Fury 45). This quote is a wonderful example of Furi’s amazing ability to make you see through the eyes of the Kolt Raynor. He provides no lack of action in his book. Whether it’s hunting Shiner through the streets of Athens or hand to hand combat in alleyways there is always something eye glueing going on in the page. I felt that this book was great, in my opinion it competes with Tom Clancy it’s so good. Anybody who enjoys military literature like the Tom Clancy novels should love this book.

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