Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury

November 17, 2017
By Anonymous

Fahrenheit 451  is a book about a fireman named Guy Montag who meets a girl named clarisse next door and after he meets her the next day something changes in the world and his wife gets really sick and montag takes her to the hospital. As a fireman, Montag burns old books and houses. He wants to save his wife and soon he finds out that clarisse has been killed her house was on fire. Montag doesn’t know who killed her though. Montag’s wife is getting worse and he found someone who might be able to help him save his wife. He is doing everything he can to figure out a way to save his wife.           


I think the author did a good job on the novel he used good handwriting and he used a lot of good detail. His style is writing. He was put specific details in the book he did well on the writing he did well writing the title. I liked it because I love how neat his handwriting was and i really liked the book. I liked the ending of the book. It was really good. I liked the end where montag just wants to save his wife. I would recommend it to my parents and my friends, my uncles, my grandparents. I kept reading it because after the first part it was really interesting.

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