Ready Player One by Ernest Cline

November 17, 2017
By TurtleToolie BRONZE, Dexter, Michigan
TurtleToolie BRONZE, Dexter, Michigan
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Suit up and get ready. Ready Player One, by Ernest Cline, is an outstanding book. Ready Player One takes place in 2041, twenty-seven years in the future. The Earth in 2041 has been suffering a major energy crisis, the Earth is running out of energy. The Oasis, a massively multiplayer online simulation game, is always drawing in new players from all around the world. The Oasis’s creator, Mr. James Halliday, added in a secret egg in the game that everybody is going crazy for because if you find it, you become a billionaire. Mr. James Halliday just announced this hunt for the egg right when he died. Wade, also known as Parzival, is a gunter, a player who searches for the egg, and he’s been searching for the egg for years. Wade has to fight against the IOI’s Sixer’s group, a clan of gunters, in the competition to find the egg. The Sixer’s are catching up to Wade and Sorrento, the leader of the Sixer’s clan, is murdering Wade's friends and blowing up their houses too. Wade then will fight in many ways to try and defeat IOI and possibly get rid of them for good.

Ready Player One was the type of book that you can't put down. Cline’s style of writing is a mix between narrative writing, feelings, thoughts, and actions, and descriptive writing, specific descriptions of things. I feel that this style of writing makes for a juicy book. The plot of Ready Player One was so good that it made me want to read it whenever I could. I would recommend this book to anyone over the age of 13 because there are some pretty mature parts. Overall, Ready Player One is a fantastic book.

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