Challenger Deep by Neal Shusterman

November 17, 2017
By db_Thirty9 BRONZE, Dexter, Michigan
db_Thirty9 BRONZE, Dexter, Michigan
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Neal Shusterman’s Challenger Deep is a book about a 15-year old boy named Caden Bosch who is an artist that goes through the struggle of having schizophrenia, while at the same time, goes on an “adventure” because of it. At home Caden is very paranoid and acting strange, which his parents, friends and teachers started to notice. His parents became worried for him, and tried to keep him distracted by taking him to Vegas to clear his mind and get rid of what they thought was something like social anxiety. That, however didn’t work, which only worried them even more. Caden is later told that he is going on a cruise with his family, but his sister isn’t with them, and instead of a cruise, Caden is put into a mental hospital to try and treat his schizophrenia. He is there for around four weeks, and while he is, makes some new friends. With his friends, he goes through many hard things, like Caden’s hallucinations about a pirate ship.


I really liked Challenger Deep, one of my favorite things that Neal Shusterman did in this book was how he showed what it was like to have a mental disorder, like schizophrenia, and the way he captured that with two different parts of the story with both Caden’s real life and his life in hallucinations, was confounding. I think that because of the way that he switched to different parts without any type of notice made the book very hard stop reading because you always wanted to see what happened to the next part in each story. I would really recommend this book to anyone that likes adventure books, or any type of puzzle of a story.

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