The Selection by Kiera Cass

November 17, 2017
By AveryG3 BRONZE, Dexter, Michigan
AveryG3 BRONZE, Dexter, Michigan
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Thirty-five girls go in and only one comes out, and though America Singer didn’t want to be that one, how far would she go to stay in the competition? In this sci-fi book, The Selection, by Kiera Cass, America Singer has the opportunity of a lifetime when she could have the chance to live in a palace. She could have the chance to be the Queen and rule the country, but for America that is the one thing she doesn’t want. America is a small town girl living the life she always wanted. She was making money, and in love with a boy that is a caste below her, but her life soon takes a turn for what she thinks is the worse. When being chosen for the Selection, she thought her life was over, but when she arrives at the palace she soon realizes that she could have a future she could only dream of and could save her family. After meeting the prince and realizing that though it may be tough to stay in the palace and fit in, she decided it would be the best thing to do for her and her family.

The undenying love story of Maxon and America unravels you think to yourself, will they or won’t they?  When you sit in your room crying because you realize that though this isn’t true and you grew an emotional attachment to this character you now have to realize they are dead; when you finally come to your senses that it isn’t a true story, and you get swept right back up into a flurry of emotions; When you see the light that shines in the relationship they some how learn to mess it up; when you finally finish the book and you think it is over you really discover that their story has just begun. You are left with an overwhelming feeling of WOW, and then when you do finally reach the end, you wish you hadn’t because the book had taken you on an adventure, an adventure that you had never imagined.

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