Bullied by Vera Micic

November 22, 2017
By Karla205 BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
Karla205 BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
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Are you seeking drama? Do you like amorous love stories? Do you hunt and live for romantic stories? If your answer is yes to any of these questions, then “Bullied” is the perfect book for you! This book is excellent and of high quality. It shows an incredible and strong perspective of a person that suffers bullying and it is a very romantic and emotional story.

“Bullied” is a book that shows how a high school girl, Sarah, resists her bullies after her best friend, Kayden, dies to save her from a car accident. Kayden’s twin brother, Hayden, blames Sarah for his brother’s death and keeps tormenting her to get his revenge. Sarah goes through a long journey where she finds new friends and enemies. She hopes she can endure her last year of high school from Hayden’s horrible bullying so that she can apply to Yale’s art program. She is very eager to enter to that university and run away from her bullies, her alcoholic mother, and especially from Hayden.

However, despite suffering from his torturing, humiliating pranks, and the attempts to kill her, Sarah has strong feelings of love towards Hayden. Sarah hates herself for being weak and never having the determination to defend herself. Despite that, she has new friends and people that love her, that give her enough happiness and courage to keep going in life and hide her feelings of love towards Hayden. Will she be able to hide her feelings? What is she going to do to defend herself and gain confidence? What will she think after she finds the truth behind Hayden’s actions?      

The author is very good at describing the character’s traits and physical appearances. She is also good at giving visuals through words. She expresses Sarah’s thoughts and feelings very well. There are many times in the story, where you feel emotionally affected by the character’s thoughts. The author has an incredible way of making readers feel attracted to the story. The story shows a lot of suspense, drama, romance, and a hint of action.

This book is very good, and I encourage you to read it because even do the story is fiction the author shows how a victim may feel, or think when being bullied in real life. The book gives a very special message to people that think they are alone and weak in the world. It tells them to never run from your problems and be strong, and that everyone deserves to love and be loved.

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