Windcatcher by Avi

November 8, 2017
By Anonymous

This is a Review of the book windcatcher by Avi and also the elements of plot. To start the main characters of this book Are Tony, his grandma, Chris, and the couple in the motor boat. The setting of this story is swallows bay harbor. The major problem in the book is that Tony is looking for treasure but does not know where to look for it. The treasure he is looking for is Captain Little John's shipwreck treasure. Also there is a really Mysterious couple in a motorboat that tony knows is looking for treasure and they don’t like that he keeps following them to see what they are doing. Now the exposition is when tony buy’s his boat that he wants. He was originally going to buy something else but his parents would not let him so he bought a boat. The boat is called the Snark. Also another part is when he moves to his grandmothers for the summer so he can learn to sail. Then he starts to learn to sail with a  girl named Chris down at the docks who teaches him. Next another part on the exposition is when tony asks Chris about the couple in the motor boat and asks what they are doing. So Chris says some people look for treasure and around here some people think there is some people don’t.This sparks the idea for tony to look for treasure this also sets up the entire story.  The next part is the Rising action. Now Tony starts to think about the treasure more often and wants to research it and that's what happens. Now he also has a ship model in his room that was his grandfather's and he wonders if it has any value or meaning to it. So he and his grandma take the ship model to an antique store to get is searched. And the guy at the store says sometimes there are things in the captain's cabin if there is nothing anywhere else. But the guy at the store did not want to break the ship to look at the captain's cabin. So they did not find anything else out. But then when Tony got home with his grandma he looked into it a little more and he tried not to break it and he found something that helps him find out where to look for the treasure. Another part of the rising action is when Tony follows the couple in the motor boat. When he does he loses them but then he finds them and he makes them mad because they were diving looking for the treasure and tony got to close. And they got worried that tony would see something about what they were doing. So tony left and they followed him and then tipped him over. Now the most interesting part of the story the climax. The climax is when Tony follows the couple again and he spies on them and watches what they are doing. Before that Tony just left his boat and did not anchor it. So when the couple left and he went back to get his boat it was gone. At first Tony thought he went to the wrong place but realized he did not. So he decided to swim to the nearest island. On the way there he saw some weird thing he thought is was a dead whale skeleton but realized that it was the shipwreck. When he got to that island he found the snark nearby and hoped in it and tried to sail back but did not know where to go. Which brings us to the falling action. The Falling action is when Tony gets rescued. So he is sailing and is looking for help and probably won’t find any because it is dark but then the couple in the motor boat found him. So they tied his boat to theirs because his is a sail boat. And they start asking a bunch of questions because they knew he was watching them. So he tells them and then says something about what he saw when he was swimming to the island. Then they started to offer him money to not tell anyone about it because if someone finds out the government will take the wreck and they won't get any money for it. Now finally the resolution. The resolution is that Chris and them were also looking for tony and they find him with the couple and they brought him to their boat and went back to the harbor. Then they all went back to his grandma's house to talk about what happened. And Tony tells them that he thinks he found the wreck that he was looking for and then tells them what he was doing and that the couple was bribing him to not tell anyone about the wreck. Then they tell Tony that it could be nothing at all or it could be a lot. And then the story just wraps up and ends you never really find out if it really was the wreck our not that remains a mystery. Now my opinion about the book. I think the book was good and written well but I did not like it because mystery is not really my thing. But if you like mystery you should definitely read this book. The theme I would say is don’t give up because Tony ran into a lot of problems but he never stopped looking for the treasure.

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