The Day I Dissappeared by Julie Reece Deaver

November 3, 2017
By singleforlife30 BRONZE, Lancaster, Pennsylvania
singleforlife30 BRONZE, Lancaster, Pennsylvania
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The Day I Disappeared is a great book about a girl who goes to Chicago and her life starts to slip from her control. This book was amazing so good in fact I highly recommend this book with a 5 star rating. The exposition is when Jamie arrives in Chicago for the summer and meets her new friend Morgan. The rising action is when Jamie believe she is going crazy because of all of her very vivid daydreams about her friend Webb where she has close calls with death from blacking out during these dreams. Since the dreams got so bad she goes to Morgan’s aunt who is a therapist where they begin to unravel the mystery behind all of it The climax is when these
dreams get bad enough that she is put in a mental part of a hospital, and she figures out that Webb was fake all along. The falling action is the time during which Jamie’s mom and Morgan try to help Jamie come to terms with the new found discoveries and secrets that have been uncovered. The resolution is when Jamie goes back to her home in California and tries to get back to her old life without Webb.

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