Missing Girls by Lois Mertzgner Age:12 and up

October 27, 2017

The book I chose to read is called Missing Girls by Lois Metzgner, which by the title by itself it makes me interested and wanting to know more. It is about a teenage girl named Carrie who's In 8th grade in the year of1967 in Manhattan. She had to move in with her grandmother because her dad works all the time and her mom passed away four years ago. Carrie feels like she has been missing, like there is a piece of her that is missing since her mom died and she is trying to get found. She believes that by her lucid dreaming, she will be able to find herself with her mother again. Also, Carrie and her friend (Mona) work together to see if they can try to lucid dream on purpose. I recommend this book because there is never a dull moment in the whole book and the heartbreaking thought of losing your mother and the feelings and the hurt she has to deal with in every life. Also,seeing the friendship of her and Mona progress throughout the book is just so interesting. Although, the book can get a bit confusing. Carrie talks about her past dreams and what she has done and what she wants to do so, it can be confusing onto which is what

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