September 22, 2017
By Yxng_03 BRONZE, Arlington, Texas
Yxng_03 BRONZE, Arlington, Texas
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In the book Endangered there were a lot of strong characterization and what type of personality the character had. Also the plot structure of the book was easy to follow and what problems the character faced. I feel like the character went through a lot of difficult situations but didn’t give up on herself or doubt herself, I feel like I do the same thing on a daily basis. Because the character got stranded in a jungle by herself and she kept pushing herself and telling herself that she can make it out the jungle to get to her mom. I feel like I did that when I was trying to get into Arlington Collegiate High School, by telling myself that I can make it into this school and that I will do good on my interview. Just like the character who was stuck in the jungle got out of the jungle and found her mom, I made it into Arlington Collegiate High School.One quote I liked was “ you have to learn when to ignore suffering so that you’re strong enough to fight it when the time is right”(page 73 Schrefer). To me it means that you have to ignore that problem and keep doing what you’re doing so you when you are strong enough to fight that problem then you can fight it. Another quote I liked was “I have to tell you how nice that sound is. I haven’t heard laughter in weeks”(page 247 Schrefer). It shows how much she’s been through and how much she’s been on her own trying to get out of the jungle. It shows how gritty she is because she never told herself that she couldn’t or wouldn’t get out of the jungle. If you like to  read fiction books about animals that are young adult books, and like to read curious books and adventure books then this is the book for you. Because if you like to read nonfiction books then you probably won’t like this book.

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