Blue Moon (The Immortals #2) by Alyson Noel

August 22, 2017
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To be immortal is to never be dying or decaying, thus living forever. For some they would choose immortality over anything, filling their never ending life with riches and jewelry. This is where the tales of the fountain of youth and the Holy Grail come from, all myths about humans becoming immortal. With the only current immortal animal to be know the turritopsis nutricula (a type of jellyfish), Ever Bloom can add herself and her boyfriend, Damen, to that list of immortals.

When driving to the lake with her family, her father crashed their car, killing everyone in it, including Ever. But when her family crossed the bridge, Damen found Ever and brought her back to life, as an immortal. Now after checking to make sure she truly loved him, Damen is going to be Ever’s teacher on how to be immortal. Because being immortal is not just about living forever, but about reading people’s auras, drinking the elixir to stay alive, access to Summerland, and what Ever found out, how to kill other immortals. Where Ever rather kiss Damen than be taught, her answer is they will have forever to learn these skills, and to be together. At least that’s what Ever is hoping for. But when new guy Roman comes along and changes the structure of the school’s social status, Ever has two things to think about: One either her friends are right in her hatred of new people, or Roman is not who he says he is.

Alyson Noel is slowly easing into the series with this novel. After the first book we found out about Ever’s past, Damen and the basic facts about being immortal. Where most of the characters were haphazard (especially with Ever friends) Ever herself was not as great as she was in the first book. She was needy, irrational, and her need for Damen is going beyond and becoming obsessed. The most bothersome part is the fact Ever cannot let go of Damen`s past. She knows he must have been with other girls (especially his wife Drina) all of whom are dead now the fact she cannot get over that factory truly kills her character development. Where she might not be the brightest at time one thing is clear which is her love for Damen. “As I breath him in, hoping to imprint his scent, his taste, the feel of his skin, wanting to carry the memory of him wherever I go”.  The novel gives us the backstory of Damen (or the one that Ever wanted to see) which explains a lot about his character and explains why he did some of the things he did. From becoming immortal, to finding different versions of Ever, Damen life has been full of losses and gains. They are also not the only immortals in the world as Ever gets a glimpse of others that may (and hopefully) play a part in this series. Noel writing is the same as the first book, common, but interesting as she kept the story rolling with new twists and turns. If only Ever could become a better main character would make this series rock, but at least there is Damen to lust after.

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