The House on Mango Street by

August 3, 2017
By , Glendale, CA

Readers’ have different story tastes, but reading this story will open up eyes of a non-fiction that feels very real. It is a story of a hispanic girl named Esperanza who mostly grows up in ghettos. It s a fascinating story to read because it is simple but also you as the reader do not tire out easily. It is not a monotone book as it keeps many like myself very interested in it.

The story takes place on Mango street, there aren’t many main characters other than Esperanza. The characters that aren’t as important as Esperanza are her two best friends, her parents, and Nenny her little sister. The plot and  importance of the story are very simple, She is almost a teenager who move into a better house than she had growing up. It’s crowded with people and it is very poor. As a teenage girl she develops mentally and physically, she grows into a woman's body but also later own in the novel she becomes assaulted my two boys and never talked about it.

She copes with her life by writing stories herself. She grows up very ruthlessly, given the setting and death among her family. In my opinion she has no sense of control over her mind, just like her neighborhood it is over ran with too many events and fantasies.

I loved the whole book, for me there was never a dull moment, just like the “I Have a Dream” speech, it opened my mind to racial differences and segregation of others and their communities.

I encourage the reader of this short essay to read the novel because of opening your mind to new things and the sense of what it is like outside your world or if you have similarities what do you have in common.

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