The Life of Pi

July 13, 2017
By NLNIKO BRONZE, Jenkinton, Pennsylvania
NLNIKO BRONZE, Jenkinton, Pennsylvania
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Recently, I read a book called The Life Of Pi, which is an amazing book. After I read it, I have many ideas about Pi and his adventure.

The protagonist of this book is a boy called Pi, whose father was a zookeeper. When Pi was 17 years old, his family made a decision that they will go to Canada in order to have a better life, which means that Pi had to leave his own country and abandon his friends including his girlfriend. Although Pi was still struggling about it, he has to go because instead of a request, it was a command from his father. As the result, Pi and his family left their motherland by boat.

Nonetheless, on the way to Canada, the ship they took sunk. Everybody died except Pi and some animals on the boat, including an orangutan, a disabled zebra, a hyena and a Bengal tiger called Richard Parker. During the first few days, the hyena ate the zebra and killed the orangutan, however, Richard Parker, the tiger, killed the hyena at last, which means that there were only two living creatures on the boat: Richard Parker and Pi. In order to keep himself safe, Pi thought many methods to kill the tiger, however, he found that it was so hard for him to kill Richard Parker. Moreover, he found that if he kills Richard, he has to face a more horrible enemy —— his own fear and loneliness. As the result, instead of killed the tiger, Pi chose to rely on Richard and go through it together. One night, there was a catastrophic rainstorm; it was so destructive that it almost destroyed the boat Pi and Richard at. After the night, the relationship between Pi and Richard seemed became closer. After that, one day they found a horrible island that it eats creatures who step on the island. Luckily, Pi found out the frightening fact of the island and ran away from it. After more than 200 days, Pi finally made it to the land, however, his good friend, Richard Parker, just ran away, and didn’t even look at him. It seemed to be a happy ending. Nevertheless, the last part of the book made my hairs stand on end that actually there were no animals, all the animals are real people —— the zebra was the sailor, the hyena was the evil cook, and the orangutan was actually Pi’s mother. It was so horrible that the truth of the story is that the cook ate the sailor and he killed Pi’s mother, but according to Pi, he killed that cook, which means there were actually no Richard Parker, Richard Parker was actually Pi himself ! It means that Pi actually overcomes the loneliness and fear and he made it that survived after more than 200 days by himself!

After I read this story, I learnt a lot from Pi’s experience. Firstly I learnt that when the emergency happens to us, instead of complaining and being scared, what we should do is to face it and overcome it. Secondly I found out that when we have an enemy, however, we are in the both situation and we need to make it by relying on one another’s help, we should put down the rancor and face the problem together. Thirdly I learnt that when we are facing a hopeless situation, instead of being frustrated and give up, we should be brave and be full of hope because that’s the only way to go through it. Last but not least, the most horrible and strongest enemy is not anything or anybody else, the real enemy is yourself, and the only way to defeat this enemy is to understand yourself better by facing your deepest fear and eliminate it.

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