Would I Lie to You (Gossip Girl #10) by Cecily von Ziegesar

June 20, 2017
By Teenage_Reads ELITE, Halifax, Nova Scotia
Teenage_Reads ELITE, Halifax, Nova Scotia
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"So many books, so little time"

Summer time, summer flies, and does it ever! It is already July and with only one month left until our little rich kids go off to their Ivy schools! The perfect time for another summer fling, some late night parties, and spending the whole day in bed (hopefully not alone). For some, summer is the best time of the year, for others it is the worst. Yet no matter what summer is always better when it is spent with your friends. After all, that is what summer (especially this one) is about! The last party, the last hugs from your high school gals, and kisses from your high school sweetheart, the last time (possibly) you will ever see these people again. So some wise words from a stoner lacrosse player “f-ing carcarpe f-ing diem”.

After Blair wasted $30 000 trip across the pond, she fully comments to steer away from all boys that are not Nate. After all, he is perfect for her so why can they just not stay together? Moving into Bailey’s house with Serena to inspire Bailey for his summer and fall line they were surprised to meet their copycats: Ibiza and Svethlana, the models who will be portraying them. No matter, as Blair had her eyes on the prize, which was the house, Nate was staying in for the summer, was next doors to Bailey’s. Determine to get him back nothing (well in this novel) can keep those two apart, not even a big blue eye blondie, who had her eyes on Natie the entire time.

Where the Hamptons was bustling with the normal gossip, the city was not that good. Vanessa who now lives with Dan (but not romantically, or even friendly) is off babysitting the terrible twins most days, and hardly ever sees her roommate. Dan is no longer the new kid at work as Greg, a novel enthusiast just started and was already a huge fan of Dan. Becoming best friends, they started their own literary circle, a group of people who meet together and talk about poems, death and all that book stuff. Yet when Greg shows Dan he wants to be more than just friends Dan questions his entire existence, and even with letters from Jenny, he waits for the universe to tell him more.

With the ever approaching September this book is wilder and crazier than the last. With this being book ten of twelve, it is time to see some relationships finalize, either for the good or the bad. See Cecily von Ziegesar has given us tastes of what it looks like to have these people as couples. Of our two on-again-off-again couples of Dan with Vanessa, and Blair with Nate, she has also given us the taste of them to random people, the boys (Dan and Nate) with Serena, yet now (with three books left) it is time to see where those relationships stay. Will Blair finally (after ten books) keep Nate all to herself, or will this breakup be the last? With Serna (the girl who does not know what she wants) finally find the right guy to say “I love you” too and mean it, without breaking any more hearts. Then there is our best friend trail of Dan and Vanessa, who can they become friends after once being loved, or just chose to be lovers forever on? With three books left, von Ziegesar got us sitting on the edge, as the clock counts down on our little East Siders.

The author's comments:

The end is near, who will end up together?

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