Percy Jackson and the lightning theif book review

May 31, 2017
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    The book I choose to read was Percy Jackson and the lightning thief. Percy Jackson and the lightning thief is a fiction based novel that is written by Rick Riordan, a very famous author. In the beginning, Percy is described as a normal highschool kid who just wants to be left alone for the most part. Percy doesn't like most of the kids who go to his school because he finds them extremely annoying and loud. But despite all the annoying kids that go to his high school he had always had his one best friend Groover. Groover was like a brother to percy but Groover was also very different than all the other kids. Groover had always walked in a weird way but he had always been around Percy as if he was protecting him from something. Percy's History teacher tells him this quote, “No, no,” Mr. Burner said. “Oh confound. What I’m trying to say… you’re not normal Percy” (Riordan 62).  This is when Percy finds out that he is in fact a Demigod.
    Later in the book, Percy learns that his real father is Poseidon, God of sea. Percy is sent to a secret camp called Camp Half Blood. Camp Half Blood is a safe home for all Demi Gods to go. Percy is sent there by Groover so that he can protect himself in the future from “others” that are out to get him. At camp Half Blood, Percy learns new powers and tricks so that he can be ready for anything to come in the near future. Percy feels that he finally found his real home because he feels like he fits in with his community. Throughout the novel Percy's goal is to meet his father with a little help of his friends that he meets along his  journey such as Groover.
    I recommend this book to anybody who is in high school right now. I can relate to this novel in many ways such as the mere fact that Percy is a teenager going through High School just like me. I also enjoyed how Riordan included such a mysterious and interesting vibe throughout the whole story. Learning that Percy was a Demigod was an extremely interesting topic to learn about. This book kept me interested as soon as I read the first page. For a book to intrigue me as much as this one did does not come around to often. I highly recommend this action packed novel to anybody who enjoys an interesting and twisted fiction novel about a life outside reality. I rate this book 4.5/5 overall.  

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