Pax Review by Sara Pennypacker

June 7, 2017
By __Liam__ BRONZE, San Diego, California
__Liam__ BRONZE, San Diego, California
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In the book Pax by Sara Pennypacker, this is a wonderful fiction story, I would recommend this too you. if you love animal-human relationships, and lots of adventure, well this book is for you. The heart-warming story by Sara Pennypacker, is an exciting, loving, all around-wonderful story. The book starts off with Peter leaving Pax in the woods alone, with his favorite toy. We then go back to when Pax was only 2-weeks old. His family slowly disappeared and died, until he was the only one left! But then Peter found Pax, alone in a den, and Peter decides to take him in.


The book begins when Peter leaves Pax by the side of the road, and drives 300 miles to his Grandpas house to stay. His dad is going to fight in the war, and his mom recently died off. Once Peter gets there he realizes, Pax was his best friend, and he had been for several years. And it was wrong to leave him out there. He decides to take off and go travel to get Pax back. Pax meanwhile, has already met some foxes of his own and they have helped him survive. Peter leaves the house pretty unprepared and decides to take a shortcut. During this path he breaks his foot! That shortcut took him to a barn, where he spent the night. And awakes to a woman with a knife over his head. He explains where is he going and she fixes up his foot. And lets him stay there, she makes him crutches and has him train hard to get the foot ready again. But then in the end she has Peter take a bus that will travel 250 miles in the right direction, leaving him left with about 40 miles. Peter goes, he is really determined to find Pax


My favorite part of this book was the compassion Peter showed for his Pet, that for all he knows might even be dead. He is really determined, and believes in himself, and he believes in Pax. My least favorite part of the book was the ending, they left a few questions unanswered, and left the story in a powerful moment. "Peter hurled the plastic soldier over the brush and into the woods, as far away as he could". I don’t think they ended the story properly. However despite that it was a great novel. And not a good reason to not read the book.


In conclusion, I think this book was a great, heart-touching story. It teaches a powerful lesson, that people should think about all the time. Even if it's not right for you, if its right for a loved one, then its right. Peter had to let go of Pax, Bristle and Runt needed him. He had become part of  their family. Which is why, even with a few mistakes at the end. It is still an amazing, heart-warming  story, which I would recommend to a wide variety of people.

"This book is quite simply a master-piece".

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