Hackers Book Review

June 1, 2017
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“Hackers” by Steven Levy was the book I read. This was a great book with many different examples of people who use computers to their full potential. In this he shows that hackers are not only antisocial people who don't leave the house but very genius people. Some people you walk by every day may be hackers. Most people don’t know how people hack and when they hear the word “hack” they think that it has some kind of illegal aspect to it. This is not the case. There are many hackers that do their work for the better. In the book the author shows hackers who help the world program robots and even stop criminals from exploiting the hacks.

In this novel, the author talks about how some hackers created robots. This is when the robots just came out and became popular. Many hackers did not have the money to buy a robot because they were expensive but they knew how to make them. A few hackers came together to make one big robot. This robot was able to be controlled by code from the computers. The large robot ended up being able to walk around and scan around the room to allow the robot to see what it could walk by or if it needed to go over it. Only a few months into the operation they coded a robot to play ping pong, and the robot was  actually good. This was the start of AI or artificial intelligence. This made it so that people could code robots to make them be able to play ping pong back and forth with a human player. This also shows that hacking is not always illegal and may produce good results.

The novel “Hackers” does not show people who have broken the law and exploited the hacks they had stumbled upon. “Hackers” shows the people who made the hacks and showed it to the companies so they could do the right thing. Doing the right thing is not that easy for most people, including hackers. You do get paid when you give your hack to the companies who need it, but it is never as much money as you may get if you exploited the hack. One example of this is when hackers found a glitch to cause Paypal was giving mass amounts of passwords and usernames to the hackers. The hackers could have stolen millions of dollars, but they did not. They told Paypal who paid them thousands, but Paypal could never pay them as much as if they had just stolen the money. This shows that hackers are good people and normal people, not just some freaks who you see standing and looking at computer parts at Best Buy.

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