And On That Bombshell: Inside the Madness and Genius of Top Gear Review by Richard Porter

June 2, 2017
By Anonymous

Reading And On That Bombshell: Inside the Madness and Genius of Top Gear by Richard Porter was such an enjoyable book. It was a great read. The tv show, Top Gear, is on of my favorite tv shows when Richard Hammond, James May, and Jeremy Clarkson hosted it. I definitely recommend watching it. I actually recommend watching it before reading, because you will be able to relate to the book more if you do. The tv series is about three old British men that just bicker about the stupidest things but it is also very informative. The trio of Hammond, May, and Clarkson is something you wouldn't be able to recreate with anyone else. They have too much chemistry and are too funny to have anyone better than them.
And On That Bombshell is very entertaining in that it has many facts about how they were able to make and produce the series. It tells how they were able to get the group together and the struggles they faced through out the tv series. The very amusing points of the book are when it tells you about the inside jokes, that the show does not mention or that you may not pick up when watching. It explains how they had to have a private interview with an anonymous race driver, that would stay unknown throughout the extent of the series. The unknown man wore an all white helmet and crash suit. Only the director knew who the man underneath the helmet and crash suit was while the show was going on.
The book tells many stories about Porter's experience on the set of the show and the views of other cast members. Porter shares the stories about when they got a new Reasonably Priced Car and the reactions that followed them looking at the ridiculous new car. “To make matters worse, the poor thing was painted the colour of an adult nappy. We howled with derisive laughter at this strange, gawky, odd little car.” (1071) There are many stories about their experience with their old, run-down cars and their million dollar cars that they test.
Watching the tv series has been the most entertained I’ve been for the sixty minutes that the show lasts. The book made the show that much better, because I was able to understand the things that I didn't while watching it. Even if you don’t enjoy cars I still recommend watching the show because you’ll still be very entertained and laugh quite a bit. Also once you are done watching the series you can then read the book and enjoy the tv series even more.

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