Trash by Andy Mulligan

June 1, 2017
By Anonymous

Trash is an amazing book written by Andy Mulligan for teens like us. It is a fiction with an amazing setting. There are three boys that live together at a dumpsite trying to get by. They do this by going through the trash and try to find things they can resell. One day, they stumbled across a secret that changes their entire life.

This book is also about poverty and decision making. The kids are living in a very poor state on the junkyard and attempt to find whatever they can to live. Once they found the bag with a key, a map, and money, their future fell into the hands of their decision making. The government offered them even more money as a reward for the bag that they found but the kids decided to keep it hidden and find out where it would lead them. These kids are very courageous, loyal, and hopeful in my opinion because they can just take the money and return the bag but they would like to gamble see where this leads them.

The author also makes this book a lot better with his clear writing style that gets right to the point and doesn’t add unnecessary detail. This way, I can follow the story through the 3 different point of views from Raphael, Gardo, and Rat. I personally picked it up because I was attracted by it’s cover and it’s title. I really enjoyed this book and I believe it's a great read for teens my age.

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