The Maze Runner by James Dahsner

June 2, 2017
By BraedenVeary BRONZE, Mulwalkie, Oregon
BraedenVeary BRONZE, Mulwalkie, Oregon
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My first time reading The Maze Runner by James Dashner was a very good read in my mind. While reading I noticed how much action goes on throughout the book and this caused me to be very interested in a book since I read Wonder in 6th grade. The book takes place inside of an arena type place, and Thomas, the main character wakes up in an elevator. Having lost his memory the elevator stops! When it opens, a whole bunch of teenagers, the same age as Thomas, get him out and tell him that he is stuck in the place until they can figure out how to get out of basically an impossible maze. Throughout the book Thomas and his group of teenagers have to try and find a way out of the maze, but the twist is, it changes everyday. A map is given to them that changes with the maze. Once the walls open up it's time for runners to find a way out, if they don’t make it back a monster called the Griever will try and attack and kill them.


At the beginning of the book I thought to myself,”I don’t know how good this will be compared to the movie?” Then when I finished it, I was glad I chose that for my reading choice. The book kept my attention span for a very long time, coming from someone who has very bad A.D.D. This book includes a lot of themes such as love, action, hope, and many more than that. I believe this would be a great read for people my age and older if you haven’t read it yet. If you like reading a very good suspense this will be an amazing read if you love long and good books.
In the end, this was a very good book that suited me and my style I like. I would strongly recommend this book to teenagers my age. With this book including many themes as said before, it creates a very good bond between the reader and the book. It kept my attention for long periods of time and had a lot of suspense during it, which made me want to read even farther into the book itself. In all I strongly recommend this book for anyone who wants a book to keep them awake and keep them reading for hours on end.

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The Maze Runner by James Dashner book review.

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