Tunnels of terror

May 16, 2017
By blakeKondor BRONZE, Vauxhall , Alberta
blakeKondor BRONZE, Vauxhall , Alberta
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This is an action packed book that was a very good read. I would give this book a ten out of ten and would recommend it. It was very informational but didn't bore me, it was a good balance. The book's main character is a girl named Andrea. This book is also based out of Moose Jaw and is cool because I have been there. This book starts with Andrea going on a trip to Moose Jaw with her brother to visit their Grandparents. But when they arrive they find and unpleasant surprise, their Grandparents are gone. Her brother tony finds out about their past tunnel experiences and decides that she needs to go after them, but he forgets his medicine. What will happen next? I'm not going to tell you because you should find out for yourself and read this book. One of the better book i've read.

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