Flawed by Cecelia Ahern

May 21, 2017
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 Imagine a world with no forgiveness. Picture a society where every mistake is permanent, indelible. This is the reality of Celestine North and she believes in the system. The Flawed Court was designed to remove those who are morally or ethically compromised from positions of power. In theory, it prevents errors before they can ever occur. Her whole life, Celestine North has followed the rules, conformed, and trusted the system. It all seems fair until it becomes personal.

When Celestine is accused of being Flawed for what seems like a simple, logical act of kindness, she will begin to question everything she thought she knew. She is forced to chose between betraying her beliefs and standing up for her actions despite the punishment. The atermath of her trial will drag her into a political and humanitarian warzone she hadn’t even known existed. As the system designed to protect the people begins to falter, Celestine will find herself on the frontlines, speaking the truths that no one else will. Perhaps it takes a Flawed to see the flaws.

Cecelia Ahern’s Flawed is a brilliant novel, rich with societal commentary and thrilling action. Ahern calls into question our own values of perception and perfection. She illuminates the terrifying similarities of Celestine’s world and ours, uncovering the corruption that may sneak into a so-called “flawless” system. Most importantly, she tells of the journey one must take to find their voice and use it.

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