Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone by JK Roweling

May 10, 2017
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Harry Potter is unwanted and shunned by everyone that he knows. His aunt and uncle kicked him to the curb, his cousin hates him and is allowed to do anything that he wants. At school, nobody wants to talk to that weird Harry Potter kid. But all of that changes one morning when he receives something that he never thought in all his life he would get. An escape.
After going to get the mail, he finds a letter with his name, where he sleeps and his address. It is made of heavy parchment and has a strange insignia written in green ink on the front of letter. After giving the rest of the mail to his uncle he sits down to open it. His cousin shouts for his father and when he sees what it says, he takes it and shreds it.
I would say that this book is a really good book to start a series. It has everything that a good book needs. A good plot, good characters and good development. It also takes many turns that you don't expect, and i like that about this book.

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