Neuromancer by William Gibson

May 15, 2017
By catsupcats BRONZE, Fountain Hills, Arizona
catsupcats BRONZE, Fountain Hills, Arizona
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Neuromancer, one of the most reveled in the science fiction community, and the start of a long road to popularizing the cyber punk genre is an incredibly good read and I would recommend it to anybody who enjoys the science fiction and or cyber punk genres as well as anybody interested in adventurous books pertaining to future scenarios and sciences. During my personal read of this book I found that the clarity of everything I read was not great at times maybe because of my poor ability to retain information but overall I would say this can be quite a difficult read for some people and it took me a few rereading of some pages to fully understand what was going on. This however does not decrease the quality of the read as the escape this book provides is like no other. It is a book you can get lost in easily and the settings are described so well, providing vivid imagery and gives you more of a sense that you’re there. Overall this is a must read for sure.

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