Annie on My Mind by Nancy Green

May 9, 2017
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The love shared between Annie and Liza was real, like any other couple. They symbolized the relationship of a lesbian couple you could meet today in modern America. Annie and Liza are like any other couple, but they are discriminated because they aren’t heterosexual. Annie on My Mind shows the reality of LGBTQ discrimination in America and how it can destroy their relationships. In my personal opinion, the discrimination against the girls was wrong, like any other discrimination against the LGBTQ community. This book could help people that are confused or scared of coming out, and in my opinion, give them a reason to love who they are and what they feel is right. No one should be afraid of what they are and these girls, with all the struggles they faced, realized that was true. The reality shown in this book made it wonderful to read and is one of the best LGBT romance novels I’ve ever read.

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