Darkness Unbound Series by Glenn Porzig

May 4, 2017
By KakaKrabbyPatty BRONZE, Andrews, Indiana
KakaKrabbyPatty BRONZE, Andrews, Indiana
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While only 90 page novellas, they are so rich with backstory, intrigue, loveable characters, mystery, and breathtaking action sequences that it will leave you contemplating what you just read. The main premise of the series follows a detective by the name of Drake, who in each novela investigates cult related incidents and murders, all of which somehow have a connection to one another, so he is not only against the clock to find the figure behind the murders, but also demonic forces that will manipulate and possess whoever need be to complete their end goal, unbeknowst to the young detective. Without revealing too much regarding the plot of the three novelas, each book is its own case that is being pursued by Drake, but every character that the reader comes into contact with has a fascinating backstory that connects to the plot, and each of these backstories tie into each other, making for an in-depth analysis of characters that feel real. Drake is not the noble hero of the story, nor is the nun Sister Marian, as all of the characters have reasons for being where they are, with flaws that make them human. As for the horror elements of the series, I will flat out say that they are as haunting and unsettling as a Stephen King novel. Between premonitions of killing an innocent family from the perspective of the killer, to confrontations with blood-crazed occultists, the 90 page mysteries will take you through the nine circles of hell before it's finally done with you, while leaving you with so many questions and theories you'll have to immediately grab the next entry. The writer of these books is an up and coming author by the name of Glenn Porzig, who first began this series in 2014. I came into contact with him and his series at Indiana Comic Con, and while I initially wished to just look at his work, as soon as he told me about Darkness Unbound I purchased and went through them without a fiber of hesitation in my body. If you're into horror and mystery novels, there is no greater merging of the two genres, and I highly recommend that you read them. This series is the result of putting The Exorcist and The Wicker Man in a blender, and having Stephen King prepare this dauntingly mysterious concoction. 

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