The Adjustment by Suzanne Young

April 26, 2017
By jordylauv GOLD, Mifflintown, Pennsylvania
jordylauv GOLD, Mifflintown, Pennsylvania
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"The Adjustment", Suzanne Young's newest book hot off the presses, will keep you wanting more. 

 "The Program" series is back at it again with a third installment, but this time with a whole different level. 

Tatum Masterson was never dragged off by the handlers, kicking and screaming to The Program, but someone she loved more than anything was. Tatum's life was ruined after her boyfriend, Weston, was taken by the handlers and placed into The Program to wipe him clean of their love. 

With The Program now destroyed, Weston returns to school, like the rest of the remaining returners, squeaky clean. All Tatum yearns to do is snap him out of whatever bubble the sickos placed him in. Is it that easy? 

 With their love growing deeper without the memories they once shared, Weston wants more. He wants to remember. 

The Adjustment can do just that; return the lost memories taken from returners, through a donor. However, the memories coming from Tatum, may not have the same emotions connected to them as Weston. He doesn't feel any emotion towards them at all. 

Will they be able to move past the lies that hide within a single memory? 

Is it causing them to go insane? 

Are their lives a complete lie? 

Could the Adjustment be similar to The Program, but worse?

The author's comments:

The Program is one of my favorite book series of all time. 

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