Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Double Down by Jeff Kinney

April 14, 2017
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In the book, Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Double Down, by Jeff Kinney, the genre for this book is, REAL-FIC ( Realistic Fiction ). The topic of the book is 5 characters. A little boy named, Manny. 2 brothers named, Greg and Rodrick. And 2 parents are, Susan and Frank. I think you guys should read this book because, it has comedy, real life actions, setting, and events. It has a description of the diary owners, Greg, life.


The book starts out as Greg's mom, Susan, is telling him that games are making his brain into "mush" and wants him to put it down. Halloween comes along and he decides to do a movie with a pack of gummy worms he finds. The movie is about, a worm-world, where worms eat people and people fight them! He tries to make a movie to get his mom off of him and tries to be famous and rich. But, will he succeed? Or will doing this will double his punishments? I enjoyed the plot because, WHO DOESN'T LIKE HALLOWEEN?!?! RIGHT? But seriously, I LOVE the comedy Jeff includes in the book such as this line in a book," I don't remember everything on the test, but I remember one of the questions," Fill in the blank: Johnny is the best at math. Johnny is the best at swimming. Johnny is the best at reading. Johnny is ____." Looking back, I guess I was supposed to put something Johnny was the best at. But, I didn't like this Johnny character, so I wrote something different," Johnny is a show-off."" What I liked I like the mom because, she has that positive attitude that keeps this family going! I also like Greg because, his character is described JUST LIKE me! Finally, I like the little brother because, he is mostly like my little sister, who is spoiled and a baby. What I DON'T like about this book is that, they have the story in different part and I have to read the thing part by part because, there is always a small story and then there is a new one. Another thing that I don't like is, that the characters look like stick figures so, I mostly don't read books like those. BLastly, the thing I don't like MOSTLY about this book and movies is that, the movies ( All of Them ) take out A LOT of things that are in the book. Finally, I think you SHOULD read this book because, it has a lot of things that you like, comedy, odd words, an odd family, learning experiences, socializing, and more!

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