Devil's Pass

April 6, 2017
By blakeKondor BRONZE, Vauxhall , Alberta
blakeKondor BRONZE, Vauxhall , Alberta
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This is a crime book with a bit of adventure in it. It takes you into the story right away and will leave you wanting more! It was a very descriptive book and you should love it!

In this book our main character goes by the name of Webb, he has long straight hair and loves to play guitar. One day while playing the guitar a guy named brent came over with his girlfriend. The drunk homeless man commented about brent's girlfriend and he did not like that. He got in his face but Webb shut him down but let's say they are not on good terms. A few weeks later they meet at the airport and this time there fight will not be verble. Brent throws a punch and Webb retaliates by kicking him in the crouch! Right before he hits him again a cop yells at him.

While on there way to the cop station Webb asks if he did not see him throw the first punch. The cop replys with, “ I knew he threw the first punch but if I take him in he will be out in a few days and trying to kill you, he has killed people but we just couldn't prove it.” After Webb found he still wasn’t to happy. A few days later Webb was released and was planning a peaceful hike. Just before that he was biking through the mountains when a truck came of beside him, it was Brent! He stopped and Brent got out of his vehicle, and picked up a bunch of rocks that were beside him. He and his friends started to throw them! Smart Webb picked them up and threw them back! Brent didn't like this and charged at Webb! Lets just say brent wasn't very smart, he dove head first into the truck! Webb looked and there was a big dent in the door! Brent was even more thirsty for revenge now but will he get it?

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